Babuk Locker Ransomware First Reported Ransomware (2021)

Its just the beginning of New year and Babuk Locker Ransomware has emerged to greet 2021. This is a news of great concern specially for those users and Companies who solely depend and rely upon their data.  As reported by Chuang Dong after he saw and followed a tweet and later on Raid Forums which mentioned  hackers have crafted Babuk Locker as data locking virus to demand ransom from the victims that uses SHA256 encryption as ‘ChaCh8’ Also if reports are to be believed Babuk Locker is capable to delete all the encrypted data if ransom is not paid to its hackers. The key generation makes use of Elliptic-curve Diffie-Hell so that it makes almost impossible to decrypt the keys on the encrypted data. It is quite weird ransomware which has started targeting and making victims globally. So far it has targeted 5 Companies of the World and the count down is not over yet. Also it is reported that ransom demand which is made by the hackers lies in the range of $50,000 to $60,000 in Crypto Currency as Bitcoin. So it can be deduced that hackers have made up their mind to target specific Companies and victims who are capable to pay such a whooping amount as Ransom.

In order to make victims bear the brunt hackers further drop the ransom note that clearly mentions if the ransom is not paid within stipulated time frame then the encrypted private data will be published online on some hacking forum site. Also victims can’t access their data any longer as it would be deleted from their system permanently. As they know that victims will pay the ransom for decryption  tool as they can’t afford to lose their data. Their is no doubt about the fact that hackers behind this ransomware might have spent a lot of time and huge amount of bucks to craft Babuk Locker Ransomware. Apart from using encryption coding Elliptic-curve Diffie-Hell techniques, hackers have used certain codes in elementary or rudimentary form that shows they must have ran out of stock and hence they somehow managed with elementary multi threading coding that suggests hackers must be amateurs. However it is advised not to pay the ransom amount to hackers as this will motivate them to create more of such ransomware and malware threats of this sort. Can victims really rely upon hackers? What if the ransom is paid and the data is not decrypted even after receiving the ransom amount. It is better to be careful and avoid downloading 32-bit .EXE file from any suspicious sources. As Babuk Locker Ransomware is distributed using obfuscating 32-bit.EXE files.

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