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Remove Suspicious Extensions from your PC Immediately: Check Now

Have you installed any malicious extension from Chrome extension store? We all use browser extensions for the ease of browsing experience. Whether there is...

How To Remove Inetpub

What is Inetpub? Inetpub is by default a folder which is found in Windows system and is commonly used by Internet Information Services aka IIS....

‘Taskbar not working’ How To Fix?

Are you facing issue where Taskbar is not working? Unable to fix 'Taskbar not working' issue on your Windows PC? There is no doubt...

How To Use Inbuilt Browser Tools to Inspect Suspicious Link

If you are in habit of surfing websites and visiting maximum web pages regularly then you must be careful while doing so. Actually we...

Why aren’t Viruses a Problem on Chrome OS – Are they really full-proof?

Do you know Chrome OS claims not to be affected by virus as it boasts to be virus free?  This can be actually deduced...

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