Fix DISCORD Screen Share Audio Not Working

If your Discord screen share audio is not working and you are looking for the solution don’t worry you are at the right place, either you are a Mac user or Android user or using Discord on any other devices here is the solution to discord screen share audio glitches.

1.What is Discord

Discord is a popular platform that allows you to chat and hang out with your friends and communities online. You can use voice, video, text, media, and files to communicate with others in different ways. You can also join servers that are dedicated to specific topics, games, or interests. Discord is mainly used by gamers, but it can also be used for other purposes such as education, entertainment, or socializing.

Discord’s screen sharing feature is widely used for work, education, and fun.  Although Discord is a great platform but it is not free from glitches and one of the biggest glitches that users face often on this platform is that their discord screen share audio not working as it should be.  either you are a mac user or android or using it on any other devices you may confront the same situation anytime. Users encounter audio issues where others can’t hear their voice. Here are some tips to address this problem.

2.Reasons why your Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

  • You may have an old or broken sound system. An audio system allows your computer and applications to talk with each other. A broken or old audio system may not work properly with Discord screen sharing. To fix this, you can update or reinstall your audio or sound system.
  • You may have changed some audio settings in Discord. Discord has different audio settings that you can change to make your audio smoother or faster. But if you forget to change them later, they sometimes cause problems and maybe this is the reason why your Discord screen share audio not working properly. You can fix this by resetting your audio settings to the default.

you may not have given discord enough permission

  • You may not have given Discord enough permission. Discord needs permission from you to use your computer system and share your screen with other people. If you say no or try to limit the permission, Discord may not be able to send or receive your audio and this might be an issue why your discord screen share audio not working accurately, although You can fix this by running Discord in its default setting and giving it the permission whatever it needs. 
  • You may be using a program or browser that Discord does not like. Discord screen sharing audio works at its most with some programs or browsers that are companionable with its system. If you are using a program or browser that Discord does not support, you may find your Discord screen share audio not working suitably and either you or people on the other side could not hear any audio. You fix this by adding the program or browser to Discord as a game or using a different one.
  • You may have turned on a feature that makes Discord faster but less adaptable. There is a feature in Discord that lets it use your graphics card to make it faster. But this feature may also make it harder for Discord to work with your audio devices or programs and cause the problem of discord screen share audio not working properly. You fix this by turning off this feature in Discord.


a). Restart your computer: restart or reboot your computer: Sometimes, a simple restart can fix many glitches and errors. Just close your discord and then restart your system, closing Discord and restarting your computer can really make a big change then relaunching Discord and trying the screen share again.

b). Avoid full screen. Some users have also reported that using full screen mode can cause audio issues with Discord screen share. You can try minimizing or resizing the window of the program or browser that you are sharing, and see if that helps to solve the discord screen share audio not working error.

c). Reinstall Discord. When some features of any app are not working there is a chance that it could not download successfully or while downloading it may have missed some of its files, you may need to uninstall and reinstall Discord completely.

d). delete Discord temporary data. Discord has a lot of temporary folders that might be leading your installation to impact the errors and this could be a reason why your Discord screen share audio not working. You can easily get rid of this issue by doing some changes in your system:

Type Windows + R and   press%appdata% and press Enter then you need to find the Discord folder and then Delete it and then

Reboot your system and set up   Discord once again and here you go……

4.Discord screen share audio not working Mac solution 

While if your Discord screen share audio not working in mac then you can also try the methods given above like: 

  1. check audio setting in discord: open the user section in discord and go to the “video and voice” section and check if your input and output devices are set correctly.

2. Restart Discord: sometimes issues just resolved by restarting the discord.

3. check Privacy Settings: On macOS, Discord may require certain permissions to access your microphone and audio output, most of the people often don’t allow the permissions what’s been asked and this may lead why Discord screen share audio not working. To check and adjust these permissions: 

  • Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy.
  • Under the “Privacy” tab, select “Microphone” from the left sidebar.

  • Ensure Discord is listed and has permission to access the microphone.
  • Additionally, check “Screen Recording” and “Accessibility” in the Privacy settings for Discord. 
  1. Update Discord: Make sure you are using the latest version of Discord. Check for updates in the App Store or on the Discord website and install any available updates.
  1. Contact Discord Support: If none of the above solutions work, you may want to reach out to Discord’s support for more specific assistance with your issue.
  1. Discord screen share audio not working on Android solution

if you are an android user and your Discord screen share audio not working then you can also use the methods given above and solve your issues regarding the audio problem in Discord but if anyway it could not be resolved then you should check the following settings:

  • check discord permissions
  • restart discord
  • update discord
  • test with different server
  • check screen share settings
  1. Discord screen share audio not working on Linux

If your discord screen share audio not working in the Linux, then here are some solutions you can go for: 

  1. Check audio settings and ensure that the “Automatically determine input sensitivity” option is turned off.
  2. Pulse audio configuration: Ensure that Pulse Audio is properly configured on your Linux system. You may need to install and use tools like “pavucontrol” to manage audio settings.
  3. Try to reconnect the call, it may help.
  4. Update and restart discord can also solve the audio issue in Linux.
  5. Restart your computer

If still your Discord screen share audio not working, then you can attempt to resolve it by restarting both Discord and your Linux system. 

if the issue still persist you should also try to consult discord`s official support or community forums for Linux specific problems.


1.Why is my Discord audio not working during a call? 

Ans. Discord audio problems can result from various factors, including incorrect settings, hardware issues, or software conflicts.

2.How can I fix audio issues in Discord? 

Ans. Check your audio settings in Discord, ensure the right input/output devices are selected, and verify your system’s audio settings. Restart Discord and your computer if needed.

3.Why can’t others hear me in discord? 

Ans. Make sure your microphone is working correctly, and check if you have muted your microphone in Discord accidentally. Also, confirm that the correct input device is chosen.

4.What should I do if there is no sound of discord? 

Ans. Verify that your computer’s audio settings are correctly configured, and check Discord’s audio settings. Restart Discord and your system if the problem persists.

5.How do I troubleshoot audio issues on discord? 

Ans. Troubleshooting audio issues in Discord involves checking settings, verifying hardware, updating software, and ensuring there are no conflicts with other apps or devices.

6.Why does discord audio work on one server but not another? 

Ans. Audio issues may vary depending on the server or channel you’re in. Make sure that the server’s voice settings are configured correctly, and contact the server admin for assistance if needed.

7.Is there a known issue with Discord audio on specific operating systems (e.g., Linux)? 

Ans. Discord audio issues can vary by operating system. Consult Discord’s official support or community forums for OS-specific troubleshooting.

8.Where can I get further help for Discord audio problems? 

Ans. Discord offers official support through their website, and you can also seek assistance from the Discord community in forums and discussion boards.


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