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Encountering technical errors can be frustrating, especially when they disrupt your experience on platforms like Origin. One such common error is the Origin Error Code 20.403, which acts as a barrier between your web browser and the Origin server, that will restrict you from accessing the platform.

Error code 20:403 is not a very big issue. Many users of origin are also facing the same issue while installing or updating the origin app. If you facing an origin installation error code 20.403 too, you don’t need to worry because resolving this error doesn’t require much technical knowledge. In this guide, we’ll navigate through easy steps that will help you to fix the Origin Error Code 20.403 efficiently. From basic troubleshooting to specific solutions, we’ll walk you through the whole process in simple, easy-to-follow steps, allowing you to enjoy a seamless experience on Origin without encountering this error.

What is the origin error code 20.403?

Many origin gaming platform users have reported that when they try to install the origin app on a PC or when they try to update the origin app, a box appears in front of us showing the message Origin Whoops The installer encountered an error 20:403. Showing this error means your PC is not able to connect with the EA server or we can say that your PC fails to establish a connection to the EA server (EA owns the origin video gaming platform).

There are several reasons that’s why you are facing origin error code 20.403 it might be due to the wrong settings or clashes in security settings. It also occurs due to interference of the firewall and the most possible reason behind this error code may be because of EA which is replacing the origin platform for purchasing, downloading and playing video or esports games. If you are also facing the origin error code 20.403, you can easily resolve this issue by following our step-by-step guidance. So just keep reading to encounter this problem of the origin app.

How to Fix Origin Error Code 20.403

To fix error code 20:403 EA, ensure a stable internet connection by restarting your router or switching to an alternative network. Next, clear cache and cookies in your browser settings to resolve Origin’s performance. It’s very important to keep both your browser and the Origin application up to date to prevent compatibility issues. Check firewall and antivirus settings to ensure they’re not blocking Origin’s access, and add it to trusted applications if necessary. Lastly, verify that your system meets Origin’s requirements to avoid any compatibility issues. Following these steps systematically can fix Origin Error Code 20.403. Below we provided detailed step-by-step guidance on how you can do these to fix the origin installer error.

Let’s get into each step in more detail:

  1. Check Internet Connection: A stable and good internet connection is necessary for the proper functioning of the origin application. Here’s how:
  • Router Restart: Turn off your router for about a minute, then switch it back on. This can sometimes resolve connectivity issues by resetting the connection.
  • Network Switch: If the problem persists, try switching to a different network, such as a mobile hotspot or another Wi-Fi network, to ensure that the problem is not network-specific.

A stable internet connection is essential for the smooth operation of online platforms like Origin. Verifying and ensuring a reliable connection can often resolve issues related to origin Error Code 20.403 and allow you uninterrupted access to the Origin application.

2. Using a standalone offline installer

The standalone installer allows installation without requiring an active internet connection during the setup process. This method can bypass the online server-related errors that might trigger the origin Error Code 20.403 during online installations.

  • Download the standalone installer for Origin from the official website.
  • Once downloaded, run the standalone installer.
  • The standalone installer guides you through the installation process step-by-step
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install Origin on your system without getting the origin error code 20.403.

3. Configure Firewall and Antivirus Settings

  • Adjust Firewall Settings

Firewalls act as a protective barrier between your computer and harmful networks or programs. Sometimes, these security measures might interfere with applications like Origin considering them as a potential threat. Adjusting your firewall settings allows you to get the solution to the problem How to fix error code 20.403

Steps to Adjust Firewall Settings:

  • Firewall Configuration: Access your firewall software or settings in your operating system. Look for any configurations that might be blocking Origin’s access to the internet or causing restrictions.
  • Add as Exception: Add Origin to the list of exceptions or trusted applications within your firewall settings. This action permits Origin to communicate over the internet without being restricted by the firewall.
  • Allow Access: Ensure that the firewall is set to allow Origin to establish a connection with the required servers, enabling the application to operate without being interrupted by the firewall.

Antivirus settings

configure firewall and antivirus settings

Similarly, within your antivirus software, explore the settings to confirm that Origin is not being blocked. Some antivirus programs have settings that might interfere with origin applications. Adding Origin to the list of allowed or trusted programs can prevent the antivirus from restricting them and it’ll fix the error code 20.403.

Mostly origin platform users face error code 20.403 due to firewall or antivirus restrictions. Adjusting to these settings might resolve your issue of Origin not working in 2023.

4. Clear the origin app cache

Clearing the cache may help in resolving origin Error Code 20.403 by eliminating any corrupted or temporary files that could be causing the issue within the Origin application.

Steps to clear the origin app cache :

  • Close the Origin app completely.
  • Press the Windows Key + R to open the Run dialogue.

  • Type %ProgramData%/Origin and press Enter.

  • Delete all the contents from the Origin folder except for the Local Content folder.

  • Relaunch the Origin application.

Conclusion :

By following this step-by-step guidance, you can effectively troubleshoot and fix Origin Error Code 20.403 and ensure an uninterrupted video gaming experience on the platform. If the issue persists after trying all the mentioned methods, switching to the EA App and logging in with the same ID and password you used earlier in origin might be helpful to fix origin error code 20:403 because recently origin was replaced by EA for gaming experiences. After implementing all methods, if the problem persists then reaching to origin support is essential. Their expertise and guidance might offer further assistance in resolving the problem.

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