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Are you also facing the issue of Twitch audio delay/desync while enjoying streams of your favourite content creators on Twitch? So you didn’t have to worry because Twitch audio delay is the common problem as many users have this reported already. It can easily be resolved by doing some simple steps which are mentioned below in this blog. So keep reading on to easily get rid of this issue.

Twitch is a well-known platform for gamers and gaming content creators for live streaming and also one of the most loved platforms. Gaming enthusiasts loved watching gaming streams of their favourite gaming streamers on Twitch. Facing issue while watching streams can be frustrating and one of the issues among them is facing Twitch audio delay issue which spoil our experience on Twitch and it can irritate us so much because of the Twitch audio getting out of sync which causes Twitch audio distortion. If you also get frustrated with this issue then stop worrying about this because we provided a complete step-by-step guide in this article on how you could fix the Twitch audio delay issue easily.

What causes Twitch audio desync?

What causes Twitch audio desync

There are various possible reasons that’s why you are facing Twitch audio delay. Some of the possible reasons for them are a weaker or unstable internet connection, outdated audio drivers, hardware or software configuration, and Bluetooth connectivity and it may be caused due to your browser or device-specific settings. All these reasons disrupt the synchronization between the audio and video which results in Twitch audio delay. Solutions for all the possible reasons are provided in this blog so keep on reading to fix this.

How to Fix Twitch Audio Delay

To fix Twitch audio delay, there are a few quick steps you can try. First, make sure your internet connection is not weak and stable. Then, secondly, check to keep your software and drivers updated. If you’re using OBS, adjust the settings there to match the audio with the video. If you are using Bluetooth for listening to audio, switch to wired headphones or speakers to avoid delay issues. Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies might help in fixing this issue, and sometimes simply refreshing or restarting the stream can quickly resolve temporary audio delay problems. These steps can help one to fix Twitch audio delay and make your Twitch streaming experience better and smoother.

Sometimes the solution for a problem doesn’t work for all scenarios, so below we provided different common scenarios of the Twitch audio delay problem and their solution step-by-step (providing step-by-step guidance might be helpful for those who didn’t know much technical).

Fix Twitch app audio delay :

To fix Twitch audio delay mobile, follow these steps:

Fix Twitch app audio delay

  • Check Internet Connection: make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection. An unstable internet connection can cause Twitch audio delay. switch to better internet or wifi to ensure that this issue is not caused by an internet connection.
  • Update the Twitch App: update to the latest version of the Twitch app on your device. Maybe you are facing a Twitch audio out-of-sync problem because of the glitches in the older version that you used.
  • Restart the App: Sometimes, simply closing the Twitch app completely and then reopening can resolve temporary audio delay issues.
  • Check Device Settings: Verify that your device’s settings for sound and app permissions are properly configured.
  • Reinstall the App: If the problem persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Twitch app to resolve any software glitches causing the audio delay.

By following all these steps, you can easily troubleshoot and fix audio delay problems on the Twitch app.

Fix Twitch audio delay on Xbox

To fix Twitch audio delay on Xbox, follow these steps:

Fix Twitch audio delay Xbox

  • Check Xbox Updates: Ensure your Xbox console is up-to-date with the latest system software. Sometimes, updates include fixes for audio delay issues.
  • Use a Wired Connection: using a wireless connection for audio outputs on Twitch sometimes results in a Twitch audio delay Bluetooth issue. Use a wired connection for your audio output because wired connections always provide real-time outputs. Wireless connections, like Bluetooth, can cause delay, so wired headphones or speakers can be helpful in fixing Twitch audio desync.
  • Adjust Xbox Settings: Go to your Xbox settings and check the audio options. You can also find settings there to adjust audio delay or synchronization. adjust these settings to match audio and video timing.

Fix Twitch audio delay on OBS

To fix Twitch audio delay in OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), follow these steps :

Fix Twitch audio delay OBS - adjust audio setting in obs

  • Adjust Audio Settings in OBS: Open OBS and navigate to the audio settings. then adjust settings such as audio buffering, sample rates, or device selection to match the audio with the video output for proper sync to fix the Twitch audio delay OBS issue.
  • Check Sync Offset: In OBS, you can find an “Audio Mixer” panel where each audio source has a “Sync Offset” option. You can adjust this setting manually to sync the audio with the video.
  • Monitor System Performance: Sometimes, system performance issues can cause audio delay in OBS. Check your computer’s performance while OBS is running and make sure that it’s not overloaded.

One can troubleshoot and easily resolve the issue of Twitch audio delay/desync by following the steps or solutions we provided in this article. If the problems persist then reaching out to Twitch support is necessary but we don’t think you’ll need to do so because after implementing our methods you can easily fix the Twitch audio delay problem. Many users have already gotten rid of this Twitch audio desync issue by following our recommended step-by-step guidance.

Faq: Troubleshooting Twitch audio delay/desync
  • How can I troubleshoot Firefox Twitch audio desync?

you can easily troubleshoot the Firefox Twitch audio desync issue by Clearing the browser cache and cookies, and ensuring that the browser is updated. if possible disabling unnecessary extensions might resolve audio desync issues on Firefox while using Twitch. if the problem continues try to switch browsers.

  • How to fix audio delay on Twitch Xbox

To fix audio delay issues on Twitch Xbox, start by updating both your console and the Twitch app to their latest versions. Check your network connectivity for stability and consider using a wired connection for real-time output. If the problem continues then clear the cache and restart the Xbox. Also, close unnecessary background applications to free up resources for the Twitch app.

  • Twitch audio desync after ads

Sometimes twitch audio desync after ads but this can solved by simply refreshing the stream or by just adjusting the stream video quality because audio desync after ads usually happens due to the unstablity of internet connnections.

  • why is my audio delay on Twitch

Audio delay on Twitch can be caused by various factors including unstable internet connection, hardware and software configuration, outdated version of Twitch and it may also occur due to the audio driver’s outdated version or misconfiguration. Don’t worry you can fix this by following the simple steps that we mentioned above in this article.

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