Guide to Fix a Keyboard Not Working on Mac

If your Mac keyboard stops working then it is impossible to do anything important with your MacBook. Therefore, you can not write any text, document, or type into the web browser. Hence, the problem is even worst if your MacBook keyboard is not working because you can’t replace it immediately with a new one. But, here we have provided some fixes related to your keyboard problem, that is exactly what you are looking for.

Some ways that you can fix the keyboard problems:-

First, clean your MacBook keyboards

When some of the Mac keyboard keys are not working properly, then it could be caused by dust and junk below them. This usually happens when you have a habit of eating while using your keyboard.

Cleaning out the dust under the keys can solve the problem.

Hold your MacBook vertically, preferably at an angle of 75º.

By using a spray on the keyboard or compressed air to non-functioning keys. Then move it from the left to the right direction, repeat the process.

Update macOS

It is possible that your Mac keyboard is not working due to software issues. In that case, you should update your macOS that can help you

First of all open system preferences

Select Software Update

If there is an update available then install them

Delete  Preference

Usually, macOS stores the setting in the file with the .plist extension. Thus, deleting .plist files can help you to sort out all the problems by resetting settings that might be the cause. Before you delete any .plist files you have to back up your Mac in case you might run into an issue later.

Try Another Keyboard

When your Mac keyboard is not working properly then trying a different keyboard is a good idea. If the different keyboard works then the problem is likely to be linked to software or Mac itself. Thus, it applies to your MacBook too. It’s not worth it, but you can use an external keyboard to connect like that. However, replacing the Mac keyboard is not a good decision so you might need a professional if the keyboard is not in good condition.

Try To Check USB Connection

Sometimes, you can fix the USB Max keyboard problem by unplugging it and then plugging it back in again. Users should also check the USB port is working or not. Unplug the keyboard and then plugging something else into that port, like your mouse, If it works, then the USB port is perfectly fine.

Check your batteries

If your wireless Mac keyboard is not turning on, try to replace the battery if needed. But if you are using the new Apple keyboard, which has a built-in battery option, then you must check its charge or not. You must also, try a different charging cable and a different USB port on your Mac device. Hence, any of these things can be the reason your Mac keyboard isn’t turning on.

Check Wireless Dongle

Some of the wireless keyboards use a USB Dongle to connect to the Mac. Even if the battery is fully charged on the keyboard, then if it can’t connect to the dongle. Though you can try plugging the dongle into the different USB ports, and as well as on the different computers. Although if it works the keyboard and dongle are exactly fine.

Is It necessary For a New Keyboard?

We are wishing you luck if one of these fixes works for you. But sometimes keyboards stop working because they have issues beyond repair. Although if you hit the keyboard keys hard when you type is a major issue then you have a buy a new keyboard.

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