Hornbill Android Malware Discovered & Linked with Hacking Campaigns

Description About Hornbill Malware

Hornbill malware is the threat which is reported in South Asian Countries for attacking the android users. This is the newest among all the malware because it has the purpose to attack the android. This is the news of great concern for those who rely on the privacy of the data. But it is uncovered by the infosec expert which is the biggest firm of cybersecurity in i.e Lookout. According to the research the latest operation is deployed in the Android Spyware threat which compromised many devices and is called Hornbill.

This Malware acts like a trojan which is delivered on the mobile application through third party platforms away from the official google play store. The threatening application are under covered by some of the software package that can imagine the recognition of ‘Google Security Framework’, local news aggregators, various sports related news focused application. Maximum majority of the false application appear to be materialize to target Islamic Religion.

Some of the survey revealed that the Hornbill threat is possibly used for the spy in mobile application, which got retired in 2018 as a blueprint. Mobilespy was available to sell in the market and was advertised as a tool for remote watching of Android Devices. However, Hornbill has been streamlined with the attackers focusing their attention on selected data from the operated device rather than try to gain as much information as possible.

Actually Hornbill malware has been created to target mostly Whatsapp and to collect some sensitive conversation data. Aside from Whatsapp, the Hornbill Malware is also able to conquer and investigate device identities, location, Call logs and contact list. This malware will also try to gain administrator advantage and if it happens successfully it will start taking random screenshots of the phone’s screen,videos,photos, audio recordings of both active calls as passive audio tools. By misusing the Android availability features, hornbill is more capable of recording and detecting active Whatsapp chats.

Malware to be found for linking up to APT confucius

Researchers are trusted that the APT(Advanced Persistent Threat) group Confucius is being charged for campaigning the current hornbill Malware. It was noticed that the hackers were first revealed back in 2013 and have been active since then. As far as there are no solid links available for Confucius Apt are connected with the state- sponsored developers connected ties with Pro- Indian. However they have been connected to those who are against attacks for Pakistani military individuals, agencies related to nuclear weapons, and officials from Indian Election.

Between the threatening group there are three marked mobile who are monitoring malware threats. The very first one that was detected were Chatspy which was used as an observation tool in 2017. Although Hornbill is the very latest Confucius connected with malware to be noticed in active campaigns.

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