How to Clean Log Files on Mac

Log files are necessary to keep a tab on all repositories on Mac. Not only that it holds each and every log reports for circumstances responsible for system Crash and Mac application error. The log files which are generated and stored within the Mac system and are hardly accessed by the users. Since it mostly contains technical terms and requires special software tool to read and access it. These log files go on to the extent of consuming certain amount of disk space. Further these logs can create a conflict with the installed software and other programs on Mac OS. So users can try deleting and to clean Log files on Mac.

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How to Manually Delete Log Files on Mac

  • First of all open Finder on Mac
  • Then select Go menu, and pick ‘Go to Folder.’ options
  • Now Type ~/Library/Logs and press on Enter Key.
  • Then Select all files present in destination and not the entire folders. Finally move them to the Trash.
  • Now Restart the Mac.

This would remove the log files from the Mac but it gets stored in the trash folder. So if you want to make the disk space free, empty the trash folder to clean the log files from trash.

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