How to Compress a Video to Reduce the File Size in Windows & Mac

Do you want to compress a video?

Is your video file too large? These days videos are in great demand. Saving and storing many videos can consume storage space of the hard drive of the system and Laptops. However, users can compress their videos to reduce the file size of the videos by following ways

How to compress a video on Windows?

  • Zip video files to compress its size: Users can easily compress their videos by zip archives. The video file archives can be created using Zip or 7Zip to compress the video.
  • If you want to compress the videos, keep them together in a single folder on your Windows PC
  • Select the folder and right click on it and select zip option or you can also select any video and choose option Send to > Compressed (Zipped) Folder
  • This will create a new archive within the same folder with the original video files.
  • The file size of the archive having videos will be smaller as compared to the original file size of the videos.

How to reduce the file size of the Video using VLC Media Player

  • First of all Open VLC Media Player
  • Select the Media in Menu at the top. Now select Convert/save
  • Choose the Add button to add the specific video file and then press Convert/save option
  • Within the profile dropdown menu will let you compress the video. There is the option to select the device on which this video is to be played on. Now choose the desired destination and hit the start button.

This would compress the video file size in Windows PC as compared to its original size.

How to Compress Videos on Mac using QuickTime Player

  • Firstly Start QuickTime Player
  • Now go to the File and choose open file option to select the video
  • Click on the video file and opt for Export as option
  • Select a lower video resolution as compared to original file
  • Rename the video and select the desired destination to save it on Mac

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