How to Export Chrome Bookmarks

Do you know how to Export Chrome Bookmarks

Bookmarks are important as it can enhance the web browsing experience of the customers. However some of the users might not know how to export bookmarks from Google Chrome to any other web browser. SO if you are also one among them, you need not worry as this post will briefly describe the steps on how to export Chrome Bookmarks. Exporting bookmarks will create a HTML file which needs to be imported to other web browsers and this would eventually help in transferring your bookmarks to another web browser.

How to Export Chrome Bookmarks?

  • Firstly open Google Chrome on Windows or Mac.
  • Now click on three dot menu icon which is located at top right corner of the Window

  • Then put the mouse on Bookmarks and then users need to select on “Bookmark Manager”

Bookmark manager

  • This will open Bookmark Manager page, now click on the 3 dot menu in the top bar

  • Now you need to select “Export Bookmarks” option

  • As soon as this option is selected, this will create an HTML file containing all the bookmarks

  • Users can easily rename this file and select the desired location to Save the html file
  • This HTML file can be used to set up on new browser.

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