How To Remove Inetpub

What is Inetpub?

Inetpub is by default a folder which is found in Windows system and is commonly used by Internet Information Services aka IIS. All the information and data pertaining to web server is collected and stored within this folder by default. The path of this folder directory is ‘C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles’. They are the part of Microsoft INTERNET information service which is (IIS). Internet Information service is a stretched web server created by Microsoft to use Windows. IIS provides a graphical user interface for associating the user and managing their websites. The web apps and website content are stored in this folder for security and official purposes. There are five sub folders in inetpub folders, they are samples, scripts, adminscripts, mailroot and wwwroot . Let’s see the process involved in Folders. However Inetpub folder along with its subfolders are potentially unwanted for such users who do not use or host any websites. This is why such users should delete Inetpub folder safely on Windows PC.

  • IIS samples sub folders contain sample applications that allow developers to learn about how the website and web pages works.
  • IIS scripts inetpub folders contains web application that add function to the websites
  • IIS adminscripts sub folder of the inetpub family is an administration script that allows you to automatically administrate tasks on the server and administer the website server from the inetpub folder.
  • IIS mailroot subfolder and its associated folders are being used for processing the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol which is an INTERNET standard for email circulation.
  • IIS wwwroot folder of the inetpub folder carries all well pages and content that should be published on the web. It is a directory for publishing web pages .

This web server gives an advantage to run websites from anywhere on the system. Microsoft Internet Information Service gives you a domain name and free hosting. Developers who are using IIS can start a website easily without comparison to others hosting methods.

How To Remove Inetpub from Windows Safely

Before deleting Inetpub folder, Windows users must turn of the Windows function and then only they should proceed to delete it else the Windows will behave weirdly.

  • First of all navigate to Control Panel on Windows
  • Click and select on Program and then opt for Windows Turn on or off feature in Window that open up.
  • Within the program and features, users can look for Windows feature as Internet Information services. Users need to uncheck it and then proceed to click on OK to save the applied changes effective.
  • Once this function is turned off, users can easily navigate to the path where Inetpub is located and then they can delete the folder safely.
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