How To Remove WatchDog Malware

Description About WatchDog Malware ?

Over the last 2 years the Infosec researchers haven’t unveiled the Cryptojacking which was disturbing all across the globe through malware. And the malware which is used for hijacking could be referred to as Watchdog malware. The group of hackers has managed so far to break 476 windows as well as the Linux system. They have totally generated a sum of 209 Monero Cryptocurrency coins. On a serious note Cryptocurrency prices are increasing day to day however, hackers have emerged a lot of money through Monero. The cyber hackers have assembled  a sum of money over $30,000. If this trend holds the market, then the price of the Monero coins could climb higher and give the bigger result to cyber hackers.   

This type of campaign is called Watchdog Malware. It consists of three codes of binaries written in the programming language of Powershell and Go bash Script file. Each part of the binary set is responsible for bearing different tasks.  The network manager file is operated as a network scan and the very first exploitation vector. Likewise previously established malware strains crptojacking, Watchdog is fixed up with a massive range of vulnerabilities. That it can operate- 33 types of exploits, 32 RCE functions and several others sell grab the function. Among the target of threats  which are the vulnerable Elasticsearch and OracleWeblogic servers. Watchdog exploits the CVE-2015-1427 and CVE-2014-3120 vulnerable for Elasticsearch and CVE 2017-10271 for the Oracle Weblogic Servers.

The very second binary part acts like a mirror for a legitimate watchdog daemon and ensures that the unveiled system does not get overloaded or suffered from a critical error. It can test the memory usage of the currently activated processes and the process table space and make sure that each and everything is within the norms and keeping the system from resetting. 

The last part of the watchdog malware is the threatening payload. This is the version of XMRing Crypto Mining malware. So long the criminals behind the Watchdog campaign are content with  restricting their  performance to cryptojacking only. Somehow, Infosec researchers warn that the hackers could increase the scope of their attack as soon as possible. 

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