How to Troubleshoot Black Icons in Windows 10

Is your desktop Files/folders icon turned black in Windows 10?

Have you found black folder icons after rebooting the PC? Did you install Windows update recently? If yes then do not worry as you have browsed to the right post and will definitely find it interesting. Actually this is due to a visual glitch and there is hardly anything wrong with the existing files and folders on Windows 10.

Icons Turned black in Windows 10 PC

You need to try some of the manual methods that would surely help to Troubleshoot icons turned black in the Windows 10 issue.

Windows 10 users facing this issue should reset any one of the affected icons manually to check if it works or not.

  • Select one of the black icon and right click on it
  • Select the Properties option
  • Now Go to the Customize tab
  • Click on the Change icon button
  • Then select the default Yellow folder iconĀ  and click on it
  • Now make and save changes to Apply them by clicking on OK and Apply option
  • Close the Properties Window. Now check whether it works or not.

If the issue of Icons turn black in Windows 10 still exists then you need to uninstall recent updates on Windows 10

If you have recently installed updates for Windows 10 it can be due to it. Also set a delay for Windows 10 updates for the near future. Reverting the updates might help in fixing this issue.

Check Display Drivers

If you have recently updated your Graphics Driver, then it is advised to roll it back using the Device Manager. where as if it has not been updated for a long time, perhaps it is better to update the Graphics driver, and see if that works to Troubleshoot Black Icons in Windows.

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