How To Turn Off Notifications on Mac OS?

Notifications are most easiest way to ensure that users do not forget about any important tasks or any appointments. It can also be handy in knowing about the latest updates which are released periodically. There are almost every websites which has their own notifications which are enabled by default and they have enable turning notification. However Mac users can turn off these notifications on their Mac System by using Do not Disturb feature as it disables notifications for a temporary basis.

How to Use Do not disturb to disable notifications on Mac

  • First of all, users must click on the 3 horizontal lines on the right side of the menu bar.
  • It will display and lead to notification center
  • Now you need to Select Notifications
  • Select the option after you scrolled down to Night Shift and toggle it with Do not Disturb
  • Then you have to switch Do not disturb to On position. This will block all the notification on Mac as long as Do not disturb mode remains active.

How to Turn Off Notifications for Selected applications and Mac apps

  • For this users must select Go to ‘System Preferences’ and then ‘Notifications.’
  • From the entire list of applications, users must select the specific or desired app and review its settings.
  • users may select ‘None’ for alert type.
  • Users can also select some notifications as alerts and in form of banners as a medium of desired preference.

Similarly you can also block notifications and do not click on Allow to button as push notifications if you do not want to subscribe to its services and disable all its notifications.

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