How To Use Inbuilt Browser Tools to Inspect Suspicious Link

If you are in habit of surfing websites and visiting maximum web pages regularly then you must be careful while doing so. Actually we usually click links while surfing web to visit websites than to write the urls on the web browser. Isn’t it? If the given links are from reputed and legit sources such as through official websites then there is nothing to worry about. However, if its not so then there are chances that you might end up running malware on to your PC and work-station. As they can lead your browser to unknown destinations and to spam websites.

Why One Should Always Inspect Links before its Clicked?

This is one important aspect which one should never ignore if they really want to keep their system safe and sound. Actually many users have a curiosity to know and venture various web pages if they happen to find out their links as embedded in the content or as read more information. This is where they need to realize that this curiosity can sometimes be dangerous. So it is necessary to often check out your browsing history and clear cookies. It can be even beneficial to clear out the browser as there might be various cookies and cache which is hardly required but they remain present on the browsers. 

Many times we don’t remember did we ever visited that specific site. So if you cross check you can come to know that actually you never intended to visit that particular website but its there as cookies stored on your browser. So how did it happen? Actually many of the websites which we visit can reroute the browser to some unknown and questionable sites. This can only be known if we regularly examine and inspect links.  Moreover if you are going through any website and there might be some in-text links. Now many of us would be curious to click on them but such practice must be avoided as it can lead your browser to unknown websites.

Let’s Know How to Inspect Links using Various Methods:

Hovering Cursor over in-text link: The first and most easy way by which one can inspect a link is by hovering the mouse cursor over the link. This will help you to know the url of the website at the bottom of the screen page. You can verify how authentic site it is or if at all you can decide whether you want to visit it or not?

Use Scan Link services feature
: Users can copy (but do not open them) and paste the link on link scanning websites to know if the link is safe of not. There are many link scanning websites on web.  Some even tell whether the site is associated with malware infection or phishing.

Use Inspect Link Menu Option: First of all select the link which is to be inspected. Now right click on it to open menu option in new tab. Now select inspect option from the list which is usually at the bottom of the menu.

Conclusion: So these were some of the ways which will definitely let you know and decide whether you need to click and follow the website whose links are embedded as in-text or not.

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