Potentially unwanted apps will now be automatically blocked by Windows 10

Starting early August 2021, Microsoft has announced that it is going to enable the PUP potentially unwanted application blocking feature on Windows 10 which was released lately. Every device that’s installed in the 2020 update, this feature will be automatically updated. This will block unwanted programs without any user’s intervention. Earlier this setting supposedly had to be manually enabled. This is a good move and will help to keep Windows and other devices safe and protected from installing Potentially unwanted applications. Potentially unwanted programs can be a software that might result or cause the system to run weirdly or make it run slow. Although they are not malicious themselves, they can install other programs which can be harmful. Previously this feature was to be enabled by the Windows 10 users.

However this feature can be manually turned off if the users feel and wish not to use this security feature on Windows 10.

How to Turn Off this Security Feature

  • Press on Windows Start Button
  • Type “Windows Security” and then click on it as the results appears
  • Now move to App and Browser Control, then look for Reputation-based Protection
  • Then Reputation-based Protection Settings is to be clicked
  • Now reload the page to view the option to turn PUA blocking feature to Off

However users are suggested not to turn off this feature and keep it on. If it’s set to on Windows Defender will keep a check on the apps and will verify it on the system. Also there will be the option to remove, Quarantine or keep it running on your Windows 10 PC.

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