Remove Suspicious Extensions from your PC Immediately: Check Now

Have you installed any malicious extension from Chrome extension store? We all use browser extensions for the ease of browsing experience. Whether there is need to block ads, pop-ups from appearing or any other such activities. It is quite easy to download extensions from extension store. However, the installed extension can be infected with malware. Yes if reports are to be believed there are at least 28 extensions which have been reported as malware and were downloaded from third-party web browser sources. Google Chrome and MS Edge are worst hit and tops the list. Once such extensions are installed it can lead to plethora of problems for the users and make them victim. Such extensions will redirect the browser to scam sites or to any advertising platform. Such platform will require and seeks users details such as personal information and then finally steal or misuse it. One should be very careful if any video downloader is getting installed for websites such as Vimeo, Instgram etc.

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Actually, such extensions are known to embed malware to hide deep within. This is the reason why they are quite difficult to be detected. The identity of malware can only be detected after the extension is installed and used after few days. Many extensions in Chrome and Edge extension store are known to be infected with malware and still remain available for download. If you have installed Chrome Full Screen, Android Night Mode, Google Chrome Helper you need to disable them as they might carry malware.

How to Remove suspicious and unwanted Extension from Google Chrome

Under menu option of Google Chrome, press on three vertical dots and then select on “More tools” and then “Extensions”. Users need to search for all the recently installed add-ons and remove all of them.

Optional Method

If extensions still persists or in case if users experience any issue in removing it, then opt to reset the Google Chrome browse settings. Go to three dot points which is at the top right corner and then choose “Settings”. you need to Scroll down bottom and click on “Advanced”.

You can notice the “Reset” option is there at the bottom. Now click on it.

Within then next opened window, one needs to confirm to reset the Google Chrome settings by clicking on the “Reset” button.

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