Steps to Disable and Enable JavaScript in Google Chrome

​How to Disable/Enable JavaScript

JavaScript is enabled by default and is mostly required for displaying the ads which are running on that website. It is also needed to display all the features of the sites to support and run well. However you cannot use all the features of the website if the JavaScript is disabled on your Chrome browser. IF you want to block ads on the website then disabling JavaScript can be handy. You can block JavaScript completely for all the sites or on the per-site basis. However, users can re-enable JavaScript if they wish later on.

Guide to Disable and Enable JavaScript in Google Chrome

The best way to view and access the option of JavaScript by entering the URL in address bar of Chrome browser


  • If you want to do it step wise manner then you need to select 3 dots icon in the right corner of the Chrome web browser

  • Then Select settings option

  • Under Settings , you need to look for Privacy and Security section , select site settings

  • Then Click on JavaScript in the Permissions group. By default JavaScript is enabled on the Chrome browser. If you wish to disable it, click on the slider to the left.

  • However if you want to Enable JavaScript again , move the slider back to Right
  • JavaScript can be enabled or disabled for the specific site also
  • Once you go to the JavaScript settings by using the URL
  • Chrome://settings/content/javascript
  • There users can view the “Block” and “Allow” Section. One can easily Add Sites for which JavaScript is to be enabled or Disabled respectively.
  • As soon as Add a site option is clicked, a Window will appear where you can input the URL of the website and then click on add.
  • The next time when you visit the added website, JavaScript will be disabled or enabled respectively.

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