‘Taskbar not working’ How To Fix?

Are you facing issue where Taskbar is not working? Unable to fix ‘Taskbar not working’ issue on your Windows PC? There is no doubt about the fact taskbar is one of the most important component that provides GUI or Graphical User Interface on Windows. It helps in killing unresponsive and frozen applications on Windows.  It provides instant access to all the applications that are running on the Windows background apart from Start menu. I appears as a sleek and long strip generally at the bottom of the Windows screen. However it can be easily customized and its position can also be changed and moved to sideways or at the top. But the real problem arises when the Taskbar fails to work or respond and as a result users would find it extremely difficult to execute any command or even the cursor / pointer of the mouse cannot be moved over to the taskbar. Unfortunately if you are also facing this issue you need not worry and instead try some manual steps to fix Taskbar not working issue.

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First of all Restart Windows Explorer To resolve Taskbar Not working problem

Taskbar is actually an integral part of Windows Explorer and various core utilities remain and reside within. So you can always try restarting Windows explorer to refresh Windows Taskbar.

How To Use Task manager To Restart Windows Explorer

  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC button on keypad in combination to launch Task Manager
  • Now select and click on more details option to view different processes which are running in the background.
  • Find and Select Windows Explorer and right click to restart it. This would restart your Windows Explorer and refresh the taskbar as well.

    How To Use Windows TroubleShooter to Fix Taskbar not working issue?

Windows Troubleshooter is an inbuilt utility in Windows to fix such issues. In order to start and launch Windows troubleshooter users need to follow these steps

  • First of all open the Windows Settings in the menu
  • Now click on Update & Security option
  • This would open a new Window, now click Troubleshoot which is on the left side generally
  • Now move to Windows Store Application
  • Finally click on Run the troubleshooter. This should fix this issue.

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