Troubleshoot Google Chrome Running Slow Issue Now

Are you experiencing that your Google Chrome is running slow?

Do you want to fix Slow Google Chrome issue ? It can be quite annoying if your Chrome browser is running slow during browsing, gaming, streaming or when its used for any working purposes. Negligence of improper maintenance and not timely installing of updates can lead to severe problem for Google chrome users. Inorder to enhance the efficiency of web browsers such as Google Chrome one must pay attention to the regular installation of security patches and installation of updates for its better performance. Google Chrome is most widely used web browser as it offers benefits of multi-process tabs. Tab management can also be regarded as a major cause for concern for making Chrome slower. Actually opening too many tabs creates a new process which can ultimately crash.

Clearing Cache Data

Installing of various add-ons and extensions or unwanted toolbars may also lead to performance based issues and hence Chrome users must disable extensions or uninstall it completely if its not required by them. Clearing of Cache data is quite necessary to make it function effectively. Users must periodically check and clear out all the cache data which is stored on the Google Chrome web browser. Accumulation of Internet data in form of cache increases overload of the browser thus slowing down browsing speed of Chrome.

Erasing Browser History

Users must ensure all the logs of Browsing history on Chrome must be periodically wiped out to maintain fast speed of Google Chrome. It is quite easy to wipe and clear Browsing History by opening chrome and in the settings select History or by typing the URL “chrome://history” after clicking on 3 horizontal lines on the top left corner in Chrome browser. Users need to select “Clear Browsing Data ” in the menu section. This will open a new window. Users need to select the data by checking the box next to it and select the one which is to be erased and wiped out. Now click on the Clear data button and press on OK.

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Delete Unwanted Extensions

Usually extensions such as Adblock or any other play an important role in enhancing and improving the speed of the browser. But there are some which have an adverse impacts and makes Chrome browser running too slow. So you need to Disable Extensions which are installed on Chrome if its not required.

Type URL “chrome://extensions” in the search bar of Google Chrome . This will open a new window to manage your extensions.
Remove the extension by selecting it and remove it.

Update Chrome Browser

Last but not the least you users need to use latest version of Chrome installed on their system, Android or any other devices. Keeping Chrome browser up to date will certainly troubleshoot slow Chrome issue.

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