Troubleshoot Microphone Is Not Working In Windows 10

How to Troubleshoot Microphone Is Not Working In Windows 10

Microphones are used for various functionalities such as recording voices, for voice and speech recognition and for speaking while using voice and video calls. Although these days, Laptops and smartphones have an inbuilt microphones and this is why users need not require any external devices for connecting to the system. However, sometimes Windows users might experience a glitch due to which Microphone Is Not Working In Windows 10 issue? This is mostly experienced after introduction of Windows 10 Creators Update. There can be various reason dfor the same depending upon internal and external issues. Right from incorrect drivers, hardware problems or issues with Operating System are few to name.

Windows users need to ensure that the microphone’s hardware is not damaged and is working fine. This can be tested by connecting the microphone to another computer or device. Probably it should be connected to the Windows with another version of OS. Suppose if it was used on Windows 10 then better connect it to the Windows other than Windows 10. In many cases microphone is itself damaged. So if that is the case, users can try with a new microphone and attach it to their existing Windows 10 system. This should fix Microphone Is Not Working In Windows 10 problem. 

Watch This Video Guide To Troubleshoot Microphone Is Not Working In Windows 10

However, if the problem is still not resolved then you need to try some steps which are given below:

  • Try Running Windows Troubleshooter. Go to Settings and type Troubleshoot and select troubleshoot it from the displayed list.
  • Under Find and Fix other problems, users need to Find and select Recording Audio
  • Now Click on Run the troubleshooter. Check whether updating the troubleshooter, resolves Microphone Is Not Working In Windows 10. Additionally one can even run the speech troubleshooter.
  • Ensure that Microphone is enabled in Windows 10. Sometimes it is turned off and hence it fails to work in Windows 10
  • Microphone must be set as a default Device. If its not set , then users need to select and click on “Set Default”
  • Also Ensure that Microphone is not muted.

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