Victory Backdoor Targeting Southeast Asian Countries Through APT Campaign

The Surveillance operation was launched by the SharpPanda APT group is active right now and targeting Southeast Asian Countries as well as the government. The campaign is using a previously unknown malware backdoor now identified as a victory. According to cybersecurity, researchers malware has been going under development for the past three years. The user has been approached through nasty phishing emails which carry the aforementioned weapons with RTF attachments.

The main motive of the Victory Backdoor is to provide the operators with determining access to the compromised local area network as well as to silently exfiltrate data from it. Hence, it can also manipulate files, take a screenshot and collect various details about the compromised device’s hardware and software configuration. The creators of the malware appear to have paid extra attention to the security of the communication between the implant and the control server. Therefore, these connections are completely encrypted and complicated.  

Merely, the malware appears to be similar for developed resources. 

Searching the document comparatively to the final backdoor. Thus, we encountered the set of information that was submitted in the Virus Total in  2018. According to the examination. The files ended up named with the developers as MClient and seem to be an element of the task which is called SharpM in accordance with their PDB paths. 

The unique implementation of the main backdoor performance is identical and the link system has the same structure in accordance with the company. Also, MClient’s relationship with XOR critical and VictoryDII’s preliminary XOR keys are similar.   

Recently, we can see that in a few long time most of the operation of MClient and AutoStartup_DDL was preserved and split in between various components in all probability to complicate the evaluation and the detection charges at each individual stage.

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