What is Discord’s slow mode?  

Discord slow mode is a feature that allows server admins to set a cooldown timer on active channels. This means that members will have to wait until the timer expires before they can send another message to the channel. The reason behind Discord’s slow mode feature is to prevent spamming and make the channel more manageable for large servers. It also helps to reduce the load on the server and improve the performance of the app.

By setting a cooldown timer on active channels, server admins can ensure that the members are sending only a few messages in a short period, which could cause annoyance, confusion, or disruption to the conversation. Slow mode also encourages members to think before they send a message and avoid unnecessary or irrelevant messages.

How to turn on slow mode on Discord?

discord slow mode turn on

To turn on slow mode on Discord, you need to have the manage channel permission for the channel you want to modify then you can enable Discord slow mode. To turn on slow mode on Discord you need to open the channel settings, in the overview section, you can use the slider to set the duration for slow mode. You will be given the option to choose any time between 5 seconds and 6 hours, just set the time interval between these time frames and tap on save the changes to apply the slow mode.

How to turn off slow mode on Discord?

discord slow mode turn off

To turn off slow mode on Discord just like turning it on you have to go to your channel name for which you want to turn off slow mode on Discord then press the setting icon next to your channel name and change the slow mode duration to off and click save changes this way you will be able to enable the Discord slow mode.

Discord slow mode bypass hack: Is it possible

discord slow mode bypass or hack

Discord slow mode bypass hack is possible if you have some permission to do it. there are different methods to bypass slow mode, depending on the role and permissions in the server. If you are the owner of the server then you can turn off slow mode for any channel by pressing that channel name then choose the edit channel option from the menu drag the slow mode to off and save your changes and you will be able to bypass the Discord slow mode.

Another method that can help you to bypass the Discord slow mode is if you have the manage messages permission in the server, you can bypass slow mode without turning it off for other users. this permission allows you to delete and edit, pan, and unpin any messages in the channel. To bypass Discord’s slow mode, you can also choose to use a bot if you have access to any as that bot can send messages in the channel, you can use this method of Discord slow mode bypass hack.

Please note that bypassing or influencing the Discord slow mode may be considered as a violation of the server rules and Discord terms and services and it may also result in a ban or a suspension of your account. Use the bypassing Discord slow mode at your own risk and keep in mind that we should respect the server moderators and other users.

What is Discord’s slow mode rate limit?

Discord’s slow mode rate refers to the cooldown time imposed on users before they can send another message in a channel. Slow mode helps prevent spam and excessive messaging. The slow mode rate can be set by server administrators and can vary from 1 second to a much longer duration, such as several minutes.

Keep in mind that Discord features and settings may be updated, so it’s advisable to check the official Discord documentation or the app settings for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Here are some key points about Discord’s slow mode:

  • Cooldown Duration: Server administrators can set the slow mode rate to any value between 1 second and 6 hours. This duration represents the time a user has to wait before they can send another message in the same channel.
  • Applying Slow Mode: Discord Slow mode is applied on a per-user basis, which means that each user’s ability to send messages is restricted individually. When a user sends a message, the cooldown period starts for that specific user.
  • Channel Settings: To configure Discord slow mode, server administrators can go to the channel settings. In the Discord desktop or web app, right-click on the desired channel, select “Edit Channel,” navigate to the “Overview” tab, and find the “Slow Mode” option.
  • User Experience: When slow mode is in effect, users will be notified about the cooldown period after sending a message. They won’t be able to send another message until the cooldown period elapses.


In conclusion, Discord slow mode is a feature designed to manage channel activity by setting a cooldown timer on messages, preventing spam, and enhancing the overall user experience. Server administrators can enable slow mode, adjusting the cooldown duration between 5 seconds and 6 hours, to control the pace of messages in a channel. To enable slow mode on Discord, channel administrators with the “manage channel” permission can access channel settings, set the desired cooldown duration, and save changes.

To disable slow mode, follow a similar process, setting the duration to “off” and saving changes. While there are potential methods to bypass slow mode, such actions may violate server rules and Discord’s terms of service, risking account suspension or banning. Users are advised to respect server rules and moderators, using any bypass methods at their own risk.

The Discord slow mode rate limit represents the cooldown time imposed on users before they can send another message. Server administrators can customize this rate limit, ranging from 1 second to several minutes, providing flexibility to tailor the channel’s dynamics. It’s essential to check the official Discord documentation for the latest information on slow mode features and settings, as updates may occur over time.

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