What Is Incognito Mode & How Safe is it ?

 How Safe is Incognito Mode?

All the modern web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, Edge offer Incognito mode for private browsing. Most of the users are of the opinion that if they are browsing the web in incognito mode, they are completely safe and their activities are invisible. But it is not found to be true as most of the browsing activities can be easily tracked by third parties. To understand this in detail you need to know about Incognito mode ancd what actually it is? If you use Incognito mode while browsing the Internet, the traces such as your web browser’s history , cookies will not be saved on the device during that particular browsing session. However still your ISP and advertisers will be able to track you or the users.

What are the benefits of using Incognito Mode?

There is no denying to the fact that Incognito mode offers some advantages particularly if you are using a shared computer. Yes, if users are sharing their PC with others, they should use incognito mode so that the browser history does not get saved and can’t be accessed by others. Thus it is a very good privacy feature while browsing the net. Actually whenever users surf net in normal mode all the websites and URLs visited by them get stored in the web browser history. It can be easily retained even if the browser is closed. While in Incognito mode the web history is not recorded and it does not get stored or saved in the browser once the browser is closed. Users can log in to multiple accounts on the same browser if they use incognito mode.

Similar is the case with cookies which are small piece of information such as login details which get saved by the site. Next time when the users happen to visit on the same site, such information can be easily fetched and users do not have to input them. This can be regarded as a breach of privacy but when the Incognito mode is enabled , cookies get blocked and it does not get stored by the site. Thus it will not get recorded and it cannot get uploaded by the sites.

Drawbacks of Incognito Mode

Many of the users have the misconception that using the Incognito Mode will make their browsing session completely safe. It is not so as even enabling or using incognito mode will not hide your IP address. This means the site owners, ISP, Government agencies can still track your browsing habits and sites which are visited by the users.

Conclusion: Users need to know that Incognito mode can only keep their browsing history private, deletes cookies and to sign in to multiple accounts on the same browser. So your browsing session is not completely safe even while using incognito mode. If you wish to hide your IP Address then you need to use Virtual Private Network or VPN. It helps to create a secure connection using another network on the Internet.

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