What to Do when Mac Freezes

How to Fix Mac Freezing Issue?

It can be quite frustrating to find your Mac is Frozen. Although Mac devices are quite stable as compared to Windows, they are also not free from glitches. Mac users might find their system to become unresponsive and frozen. What is to be done in case the Mac freezes. The most simple way to try out is to restart your Mac device. If the cursor is under control of the users and is moving fine but if it lags even to some extent then you need to restart by selecting the Apple Menu from the given options. Then finally click on Restart again in the new menu that pop-up.

However, if the Mac device is not responding at all or the pointer is inactive and cannot be controlled then users need to opt for force restart Mac. For this the users need to keep pressing the Power button and hold it until the Mac shuts down. Users need to select Force Quit from the Apple Menu or Press Command + Option + Esc keys. This would force the restart of the Mac system.

If you are using a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air and if it has turned unresponsive then you need to hold the Power button for a few seconds. This will give the option to choose from Restart, Sleep or Shutdown. You can keep the window open while logging back in. However this would require a long duration to reboot Mac. So if you want to speed up reboot of Mac, then opt and uncheck the option to Reboot Windows when logging back in. If you are unable to do any of the above steps due to frozen Mac then pull the power plug out of the socket. However this should be tried only as a last resort.

Mac users can also try to restart Mac in Safe Mode. For this you need to press the Power button to turn in the Mac device. Keep the shift key pressed until you hear the welcome music. As soon as the Apple logo appears, release the shift key. This would show an option of safe Boot on the upper right corner of the Mac login screen. You will get various options to troubleshoot to restore the Mac to good health. Once accomplished , restart Mac in normal mode thereafter.

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