Why aren’t Viruses a Problem on Chrome OS – Are they really full-proof?

Do you know Chrome OS claims not to be affected by virus as it boasts to be virus free?  This can be actually deduced after comparing Chrome OS with others. This can be well understood by those who do use Chromebooks. Are they really full-proof against viruses? We all are familiar with the term Computer Virus. Lets define it for better understanding. Actually virus or malware are designed in such a way that it injects malicious codes within the file. As soon as the file is executed the malicious process gets launched and keeps running in the background and OS. Thereafter a number of ill effects will hamper the performance of compromised PCs such as data stealing, replication of virus, threat to personal privacy etc. This is the reason why Windows OS is most vulnerable to malware.

However, one thing is sure the malware which is going to infect or has already infected EXE files will not harm Chromebooks. The reason is very evident as Chromebooks is incapable of executing or running EXE files. This is the reason why Chrome OS is not vulnerable to malware and this makes it somewhat more secure. As most of the malware strikes specific OS such as Windows EXE files so such malware and viruses aren’t a problem for Chrome OS.

Know Why Chrome OS is So Secure?

Do you want to know what makes Chrome OS so secure when it’s compared with other OS is the fact that Chrome OS can easily be updated. Yes, the OS is designed in such a way that it regularly checks for updates at regular time periods. Once the latest updates are installed one can really be sure  that there can be hardly any security related issues or lapses.

Chrome OS and Chromebooks are capable enough to check internal settings every time it reboots. This ensures that even if slight modification is being made by malware intrusion or when security is at stake, it can easily repair such flaws.

No matter whatever program, software, browsers, Android apps are installed on Chrome OS, they simply run in an isolated environment.
This enclosed or isolated environment is known as Sandboxing Technique and restricts these applications to access OS. As a result this makes Chrome OS full-proof against Malware attack. However it doesn’t mean that users should install even harmful apps or malicious extensions on Chrome OS.

Prevention Tips

  • Chrome browsers can get invaded or attacked by malware so you need to be careful and do not provide any confidential information to any scam website.
  • Chrome extensions should always be downloaded from Google Chrome web store and not from any third party parties.
  • Always stay protected by using updated Chromebook
  • Do not use Developer mode as it is more vulnerable to malware.

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